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The Black Keys - She Said, She Said

The Big Come Up

Penyanyi : The Black Keys
Album : The Big Come Up (2002)
Judul Lagu : She Said, She Said

She said,i know what it's like to be dead
i know what it is to be sad
and shes makin' me feel like i've never been born

I said,who put all though things in your head
things that make me feel like i'm there
and your makin' me feel like i never was born

She said, you dont understand what i said
i said no no no your wrong,when i was a boy....
everything was right
everything was right

I said,even though you know what you know
i know that i'm ready to leave
cause your makin' me feel like i never was born
she said,she said, she
said, she said,she said

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